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Budget Consultation

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Budgeting Steps 

1. We gather your financial paperwork.

2.Calculate your Income.

3.Create a list of monthly expenses.

4.Determine Fixed & Variable expenses. 

5.Total your monthly income & expenses. 

6.Make adjustments to expenses. 

Step 1 : Gather your financial paperwork. 

Gathering your bank statements gives us the full picture of where your money is going and how it is being managed. Having :

  • Bank Statements

  • Investments 

  • Utility Bills 

  • Paystubs

  • Credit Card Bills 

  • Receipts from the last 3 months 

  • Mortgage/Auto Loan statements 

  • The more the better. 

Having these documents can give us an idea of what is fixed and what can be rearranged for example maybe we can get you a lower interest rate on your cars, loans, etc. 

Step 2: Calculate your income 

We calculate how much income you expect each month by putting the total amounts together from every source of income. 

For example:

  • Paychecks

  • Take home statements 

  • Social Security 

  • Child support 

Step 3: Create a list of monthly expenses

We write down a list of all the expenses you expect to have during the month and yearly. For example:

  • Mortgage Payments

  • Car Payments 

  • Oil Change 

  • Car registration 

  • Insurance, Utilities

  • Entertainment, Eating Out 

  • Child care

  • Transportation 

  • ETC

Step 5: Total your monthly income and expenses 





If your expenses are more than your income, it means you are OVER spending and need to make some changes. 

Step 4: Determine fixed & variable expenses 

We find fixed expenses that are MANDATORY expenses that you pay the same amount each time. For example:

  • mortgage/rent,

  • car

  •  childcare

Then we calculate all your variable expenses that change from month to month. For example:

  • Groceries 

  • Gas

  • Entertainment 

  • Eating Out/ Entertainment

Step 6: Make adjustment to expenses 

If your expenses are higher than your income, find areas in your variable expenses, find areas in your variable expenses you can cut out (eating out or extra memberships you can cut out)


Our goal is to aim to have your income and expenses column to be equal or reach your savings, investment goal. 

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