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Credit Repair

Get it back to your life worry free!

We are here to support the clients in making decisions that will make their better, happier and more satisfying financially. 

Clients will be building a solid credit history and will be maintaining high score that will have a tremendous positive impact on their quality of life now and in their future. 

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What is the process?

  1. We will review all three credit reports and scores. 

We need to determine what is impacting the clients score in a negative matter and have those negative marks removed by disputing most of them. Once ​again the process does take anywhere between 120-150 days, all when clients follow the advice and information we provide for them. 

2.Clients sign up for to check their credit. 

This helps us monitor your credit with you. 

3.We will list all negative items and dispute them to all credit bureau. 

This process takes a couple of days to list then we mail out your dispute. The entire process takes about 120-180 days. 

4. Once negative marks are removed clients will see an improvement in their credit score. 

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